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PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:54 am 

Joined: Thu Aug 18, 2016 7:54 am
Posts: 6
THE MOVIE PROJECT Has been stopped since Jack Townley banned,

My time,my brain,my blood i use them in this game n forum.I want my money back,$2500 spended just want to make this game in movies,these admins don't even know how hard i make the movies for their game.

They will mad and delete my post,deleting my post will not help their problem or pay the consequences.

All admin will bring back my both account and my money immediality or pay the consequences.

If they won't bring it back,I will looking for Bounty Hunter and pay them $1950 my remaining money.

And then,Kill them,I already located all admins location.
You don't need to know where they are live

Hire security and CCTV is not effective for me,I have Bolt Action Sniper-Rifle , Good for Assasination (A55A51N4T130).

I already set the assasination target and their faces and then my paid bounty hunter will kill em all!

This is serious threatening,if you want to report me to your Police Dep.

My Bounty Hunter will disguise like a walker/tourist.

Deleting this post/ban me will not help your problem,deleting this post or ban me ,Your friend will be Assasinated too.

I am not kidding,Seriously look at my eyes,am i look like a lier?

No,Im not,I will call bountry hunter and assasinate you.

Your time is 7 Days before one of SM Admin assasinated!
or bring back $5000 and my banned account and your admin free.

Your choice :
A.Bring back my $5000 and My banned account.
B.One of admin will be assasinated.
C.Another idea...

Your choice will take a risk,If i say it's serious threatening,then i said it's not fake.

-Deleting post/moves/edit will assasinate your friends too.
-You have 7 Days (22 Feb 2017) before your admin assasinated.
-Bring back my money and account and your admin will be free.
-My parents allow me to do this because my parents don't want me always sad.

Proof that i am really seriously :
-I got their location by the IP Address and locating their IP Address,If you said it is fake,You will pay consequences.
-I Have remaining money from my community and i use 60% of them to hire Bounty Hunter (Assasinator).
Paid : $1900 - $2.500.
-The Bolt Action was real and can shot penetrate the woods,bricks,and sheet iron.
-Be advised if i ever said "I got $5 every shot a deer",The weapon that i use at hunting is?Sniper Rifle ADV Scope-Big Supressor (Silencer).
-I Have a guns selling community at North Yankton,South Dakota,but i live at INA.
-I get 1 bounty hunter at Spanish,His name is "Ranold Qusta" the real name is secret,i don't want him busted.
-The Long Ranged Hardware weapon is hidden and the weapon part is everywhere inside sit car (between sit skin and sit skin) and it's become 7 part and the assasinator just need to build again the sniper riflem
-The Bounty Hunter location is close to Netherlands?Yes u know who is first target.
-Once assasinator assasinated the target,his cover not blown because use Supressor to silenced the shot,the assasinator will get in the car and getaway from the location and go back to Spanish.

Keep saying i am real fake?
See later and then your admin assasinated!HAHAHAHA!!!

Serious dude!HAHAHAHHAHAAHAH :lol: :lol:

"You can run,but you hide"
IP Address Locater and Devices Locator.

"Bad guy born from good guy that has been full of sickness"
I Do it because you ban me,you make me sickness.

"You can hide in your home,but the bullet will penetrate wall"
Bigger Caliber and Heat Source detector.

"Weapons can be smaller by breaking the part of weapon it self"

"Sniper can be everywhere,They bring Long-Ranged Hardware"



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