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 Post subject: Bring it back before spam coming!
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 2:12 am 
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Ohh...,You just misunderstanding,I Am not threatening but i just do the joke,why u fak ban me and i don't get a proof!

I am not threatening , i am just inspired by roccotano4 , if i am look like threatening,why roccotano4 not get banned?!

Reason : Spam,
Can you give me a proof about my spam post?where is my spam huh?

Reason : threatening/about me
That's a joke,why?
You don't like a joke?i am not threatening!Misunderstanding wtf !

Reason : general behavior
laughing,socialist,respect,salute to everyone,good face to everyone,joking

am i not allowed to copy these behavior?

I Seen some insulter at me , but they did not get warning/ban?huh ? The game ain't fair yet!

You give me board warning issued because this post?Result is i will spam real links!

You delete this post?Results is i will spam advertise and more at SM General chat with English language!

You don't know i spent $ 3.500 for my movies project!

You need to pay back my money!

If you thinking my movies project is fake,you are wrong,i will give screen shot if you give me back my old account!

I Always follow the rules at top of forum,and every week i got board warning issued because another reason,moderators should be add another rules "Insult ban".

If the reason why i got banned because i talk to much at forum,then someone call me Spammer because i am talking to much,It's speech not spam!You understand spam and speech you are smart!
Maybe the moderators don't understand what is spam and what is speech and i got banned because misunderstanding...

If i got banned because trolling,where the hell is my troll post?i am not troller since i get 200 posts,is my post a troll?

If i got banned because signature/about me,maybe they just wrong,because i joking,roccotano4 has a same too,but why he did not get banned?Un-Faired moderators.

If i got banned because i am insulting,ok where is my insulting posts give me a proof and link to that insulting posts and i will edit it.

If i got banned because posting so much,why you did not notice me huh?Why you not merged it huh?

If i got banned because rude to everyone,Their selves insult at me so i mad at them,ban my insulter,the moderators is not fair.

If i got banned because i am annoying,why u did not tell me that i am annoying?

If i got banned because i am break the secret,why you did not tell me to don't share the secret to everyone?

If my insulter happy because i got banned,please ban them too,if you did not ban them,i will use my spam bot to spam forum.

Insulter/Bullies :
-Elrafaelius (Priority : High)
-roccotano4 (Priority : Medium)

They need to be banned or warn them.

I Was talking to Fluffeh Feb 5th 2017 ,Night
and i am confused with Fluffeh answer!
go ahead "yes" or it's "go away (go away from forum)"

Please don't be useless!

If moderators mad because i call useless it's true,because i ask Fluffeh "Why mission tell me to upgrade locked structures?",then no replies received.

Admin Joe is one,i report multi-acc user ,i message Admin Joe and he did not reply!

You only have 5 choices!
A.Bring Back the banned account (Mr.President Jack).
B.Bring back the lost account (JACK).
C.Bring back my both account.
D.Let me log-in at SuperMechs game abd block me at forum
E.I Will spam forum.

and your time 2 Days (February 8th 2017)

If you did not answer,i will start spamming forum with some advertisement and links to illegal website!

and also,bring back my money!


 Post subject: Re: Bring it back before spam coming!
PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 2:57 am 
Site Admin
Site Admin
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Location: The Netherlands
Gender: male

We do not like banning - we want you (and everyone else with good intentions) to be part of this community and we consider removing someone counterproductive to that.

In the end we feel most players (you included) can be a supportive, positive asset to this community helping to make this forum (and our games) better for everyone.

However, from the 10 warnings we've handed out these past months, 6 have belonged to you. You've consistently broken multiple rules, specifically when it comes to respect, spam and staying on topic. We've let you slide a lot hoping you'd improve but clearly that did not help.

In the end we gave you a (very short) ban of about a day and it seems even that you don't understand and even have the nerve to threaten us with spam.

So let me be clear here, we will no longer spend time making you behave. You have been banned permanently, I've now disabled your IP and I have banned your alternative accounts.

If you ever reconsider your behavior you can contact me at [email protected], I hope you will as, again, anyone who is willing to adhere to our standards is welcome.

This, however, is not acceptable.

Best Regards,

Product Manager
Battle Dawn

Skype: dreamerofdestruction


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