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 Post subject: RP Order 91762: Rights of Change
PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:08 am 
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Rights of Change

I. Disclaimer (Please READ!)
By effectively reading this (and meaning any text within this document), you are automatically forfeiting rights of changing the rules of "Rights of Change" to ronelm2012 and/or the moderator/s responsible for Spam Role Play. You are still responsible for any unique rules you will set for your RP. Also, if so your RP chose to ignore these rules, you are forfeiting any rights/privileges (applies to that specific RP) you and anyone joining that RP would have if they had followed these rules.

[Note: As this is still a law in progress, these rules will only solidify upon completion, and thus can still be subject to change by anyone.]

II. Terms
(see RP Terms)

III. God Modding
  1. The RP Creator / GMs have all rights to say if an action is deem worthy, valid, meritable, or noticeable in that they can change the path of an RP based on that action. In no way do players have such rights, unless specifically told so (their posts count as a direct rule). This includes:
    • Overpowered plot devices / abilities such as Deus Ex Machina
    • Things that shouldn't exist in an implicitly-themed RP (eg. Chakara in a Sci-Fi RP)
    • Direct control of other players (dialogues made by player do not count, unless it's OOC.)
    • New Objects (includes a new places, new enemies, new ammo)
    • Anything forbidden by a specific RP
  2. GMs and/or RP Creators have all rights to invalidate/kill-in-RP/punish those who do not follow (a).
  3. If the RP demands attention to its RP Creator / GMs, the sentence above is not a right, but rather his/her responsibility.
  4. Consequently, players have a right to demand on such cases. If the RP Creators / Mods continue to ignore his/her responsibility in spite of demanding (a week of demanding is enough), (a) & (b) will be considered invalidated (and thus players will be able to change such an RP according to their wishes)
IV. Player Opinion / Advertising
  1. Under no circumstances should anyone disallow any advertisement of any RP under this Right. In doing so, he/she is automatically forfeiting any rights under this Right.
  2. However, he/she can give his / her opinion for any RP (or any part thereof) under this Right as an irrevocable right. Players are responsible to distinguish which is the 90% crap and the 10% that is not in RP.

*still under completion, so feel free to comment! :D*

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