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As i was i decided to Collect all the strategies i know nd place them in one Thread so that any newbie can know the secret one's also..

Starting Strategies-
1)PODS-Pods can be very effective for quick expansion if you use them correctly.Pods usually means placing your team members in groups at different locations to expand faster than other teams.As we all know there is much competition in the first few if u could outdo the other teams in expansion..U could get more conquers,Crstals nd Mines in the first few ticks which will give you a good income.U can place ur team in groups in terms of the activity of the team.Say ur team is 24/7..then its good to have more pods Like in a 10 man allaince 2/2/3/3 or if ur team is 18/7 then u could have pods like this-3/3/4.Pods also depend on how much the team is boosting because if u place on Africa then u need boosting along with activity nd skills to keep up.(Maybe here players like Korupt will disagree.


2)This is a secret strategy not known by many newbies-If ur planning to use ur spies more often.And u also don't want to be spyed by ur enemy on ur colony Then the best way is -
Plant agent on an OP
After 24 ticks relocate to it
Now you can use ur spies everywhere without thinking of getting spyed because the Inflitration ticks also act as SPY protection nd if someone spy attacks ur colony then As u will be having the most inflitration ticks so u will win....This will also help in another strategy which will be discussed by me later
War strategies-
Well there are not much but a few strategies which i know-
1)Say an allaince has launched 100 squads with 6 ticks Moving to a op.Then the best way to kill their squads is by getting ur allied help or maybe u killed them urselves
By Getting Allied Help-Ask one of ur allies to attack the destination op while u urself attack the Original op from which the attack was lauched.This way the enemy cannot do anything except suicide into any of the teams.That way u get XP.SO always everyone ss suggested not to launch more distance ..Always try to save range no matter what nd try to have minimum loses than ur enemy.
U urself killing ur enemy-Divide ur team into 2 groups nd attack the Original nd the Destination op.This way u may take more loses especially if the enemy has more squads so i suggest try to get ur allied's help.
2)In this strategy u can make ur enemy get into their trap-In the second opening strategy i had described how to use agents as Spy protection..Now using that u can kill ur enemy.Say ur enemy has lauched a 6 tick missile to ur colony nd knowing that u have shield structure they have lauched with 100 squads to ur colony coming at 3 ticks.The best way here is to wait till the end of third tick nd then Locate ur colony to another op.Then use the spy u have here to LOCKDOWN.Always rememeber do the lockdown when there is only 1 min to nxt tick.Now as the enemy are locked down nd their missiles are coming to hunt them.Launch ur sqauds which should be coming at 3 ticks or maybe the lockdown will end unless u have luck on ur side.SO u can now easily kill the enemy squads as their Hp will be down to one.
3)Here say ur enemy has attacked ur colony with 100 squads nd u donot have agents on ur colony.Then try to gather as much as units of ur allaince nd attack the original op of the enemy with more squads.SO the enemy is trapped now nd will have no choice bt only to lose its units...
Another good away to spare ur Army is by dividing ur army..So that enemy cannot get ur army.
SOme useful tips-Try to always attack at the end of the tick so that the enemy will have less time to react..

I cannot rememebr more strategies as it is difficult for me to rememebr currently..Hope this helps...Also i will add more strategies when i remember them.




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