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 Post subject: Spy Actions Guide for New players
PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:09 am 
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Its a simple guide for new players, may need ammenment
Pros can PM me for editing, let new players only comments on it... thank you

Spies can be recruited by making "tavern" structure on 2nd last row, 2nd structure
this structure, also support basic action of spies like getting Infantry etc down to 1 Hp

all units will heal 1Hp per tick, so do spy attack when ur squads will be at 1ETA at that OP or castle etc
so, by making 4th structure in 2 and last row, "Tavern level 2" you will b able to do advanced Covert Operations like LOCK DOWN...
for all these you need a spy on that OP or castle etc, it means you should plant spy on that well before you launch attack on it...
after planting an agent via spy, its infltration ticks started counting, different types of action needs different number of infltration ticks
you may scan or spam that OP b4 doing spy attack, if that contain all infantry, or maximum infantry, u ll do Spy attack on infantry, that is no.1 on covert operations, same for Cavilory and heavies
LOCK Down is different covert operations
Lockdown can be done on any OP castle ETC using spy
Lock down will prevent any Squads leaving from that OP etc

To lock, you must have 50 energy/mana and 6 Spy infltration and also Your ally or any owner of that OP should have 24 control ticks on it (Control ticks are necessory for only LockDown)

a plnted agent can be called out also (ended/canselled) by Orders Menu> agents

its done, if you need more feel free to ask

to avoid being attacked by Spy>>>>>>>>>>>>

>if some 1 attacked you and you are on OP or in castle, attacker have ETA 2, move army Out of that, and let pass 1 tick, so he ll b at ETA 1 in next tick, in this tick, u ll turn squads back, when its about 20 seconds remaining to tick or less depends upon ur time and server accuracy... Less seconds remaining, more the chance to be get hurt by a spy...

> always get spy protection on colony... if your squads or your allie's squads are on an OP , that is under attack, you should add Spy protection on that OP or castle etc, if you have spy on it, it will cost you 20 energy/50 ticks and will be done from"covert operations menu"
if you dont have spy on it, then it will cost you 50 Energy/50 ticks Spy protection.. and can be done by "simple Available actions".

> also there is a tactic that in war, try to avoid landing ur main army on Hostile or own OP, no matter it contain army or not (if you think you can kill army there then u can land ),,,

jamm gates near that OP before some ticks to land your attack on that OP, cz they may lock you and send more troops to kill your army....

\> make sure that, when u going to lock an OP, before doing it, all of Your squads on that OP, pulled out, otherwise you may lost them

Feed back will be appreciated, any further questions by new players will be answered asap :) ty

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