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 Post subject: story contest - win up to 2000 tokens
PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 12:30 pm 
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I was looking up an old post made by darklighter in which he wrote a story about 2 alliances and their members fighting each other on good old Mars4....
( you can find an edited version here)

and thought about having a contest for this kind of stories.
So the rules are very simple:

It must be related to a recent era and 2 or more alliances, their relations and their members. Friendship, betrayal, war, .... whatever you want to write about :)

Of course, it shouldn't have any kind of swearing or insulting in.

There will be a vote here or on facebook in a month and the best 3 storywriter will be awarded with 2000, 1000, and 500 tokens !

Good luck and have fun!


 Post subject: Re: story contest - win up to 2000 tokens
PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:49 pm 
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This is a story of the Current Era -A28- on F5.

Key - Branch = Alliance
Tree = World
Spirit of Life = Relic
Ygdrassil is a tree in Norse Mythology, planted by the legendary magician Merlin, that turned into its own world.

Prologue - A race to the top beings! Katrina, starting to realize her advantage overtakes the lead and pushes aggressively into the open fields. Slowly and steadily the world begins to change shape under a new rule. How will the story of the seed of Ygdrassil come to be?

The red branch severed out far with vines entangling the masses and bearing fruit for those inside of it. But with that came the blood, blood spilled from the thorns. (PacR)

The blue branch seemingly modest took its debut in a more conservative manner, taking only what was needed when needed. They had little to grab, for wherever they had stepped a thorn was in there side. (NOOB)

A yellow branch then came to be, bringing many of smaller twigs and vines a long with it. It was a sturdy vine that wouldn't go down even by the mightiest of storms. (FP)

Chapter One - The Dubious Branch (NUKE)

Then one day a 4th branch came into the world. A mysterious branch with a blackened color quickly started to over take the land. Though it was moving at a slow pace it had an ominous feeling towards it.

That branch came to be known as the X branch. No one knew what it was capable of. So testing it out, the red branch came to it cautiously, unlike its previous approaches with the other branches. However, when the X branch submitted to the red branch they seemed to have become reassured that it was just like all the others and cowered in fear of its thorns.

Then the yellow branch came one day and saw the X branch. Though the yellow branch did not respond to the X branch and the X branch simply stared back when it was looked upon. Showing no signs of concern.

Lastly the blue branch came to the X branch. The blue branch being calm as it has been, came to the X branch asking to learn more about it and its ways. They talked and got a long rather well the X branch and the Blue branch then began to confide in one another.

Chapter 2 - The Branch of Origins

As slow as it had been the X branch was becoming to be forgotten to everybody except the Blue branch which showed it sympathy. The X branch though was unsatisfied without the attention that it was previously shown. So the X branch came to the yellow branch and poisoned its vines. Its support was ruined, though the yellow branch would not go down as easy as so. It retaliated with all its might and the X branch was shocked. It had never experienced pain from another branches thorns before.

The X branch then began to become less of a mystery. Using its capable intelligence and given talents it began to reign havoc over the yellow branch and more powerful than any storm it ravaged the yellow branch.

The sight of the X branch having shown its true colors surprised the world of Ygdrassil. The red branch warned the X branch and shoved its thorns into his side then proceeded to pull them out. They said, "Remember, we are the ones whose thorns sting the most."

Though for the blue branch this only made them more intrigued with the X branch. They gave the X branch a new name. They then prophesied that they would rule the world as the Branch of Origins.

Chapter 3 - The Wrath that Brought About Change

One day the Red branch began to encroach on the Branch of Origins. Having heard of the prophecy, they would not let things stand as they were. Confident in there skills and still only remembering the Branch of Origins as the ones who submitted to them, the moved forward....

Then suddenly......the sky was filled with dragons and giant hamsters came out of the provinces of the Branch of Origins. The red branch had awoken a sleeping giant! All sorts of men and monsters rained throughout the entire land, feasting on all the branches, vines and fruit around them. In less than 1 calendar day the world was changed. The Red branch was no more and all the branches that sought its protection were gone too. Though the Branch of Origins was sad, the one they trusted the most had barely been there for them.

Chapter 4 - The Start of a New World

Under the new order of the Branch of Origins many fled to them and came to them seeking protection. For the most part the branch of Origins took them in. The land had become peaceful though one of the vines of Origin was unsatisfied with the peace. They then were no longer were referred to as the Branch of Origins but the Tree of Origins.

They exploded like an atomic bomb and became more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. "Why do they seek power? Were they not already stronger than everyone else?"

Chapter 5 - The Comfort of the Throne

The Tree of Origins watched as the yellow branch regained its strength. It was amused at how well it was doing. They were certain that they had eradicated it before but it was here in front of them standing firm though not fully healed.

Though the yellow branch knew its limits so it came to the king and asked for him not to interfere with his affairs and the king agreed with a smile. There is but one condition if you want us to stay away, you will grant us your Spirit of Life. So the yellow branch agreed and when the time came they would hand there Spirit of Life over to the Tree of Origins where it belonged.

Then the blue branch came to the king saying, We have been friends for a long time and you have let us have this Spirit of Life to grow well and strong. But we fear that the yellow branch has intentions to come to us and take away your gifts. Help us and we will give you our Spirit of Life as gratitude. But the king laughed and said, "Where were you when the red branch was encroaching on us? We will allow you to hand us your Spirit of Life though it is to your own hands to keep your branch strong."

Chapter 6 - The Beginning of the End

The blue branch and the yellow branch then bared there thorns and braced there bark. Though the yellow branch took over and a mysterious smaller branch that had previously stuck to the blue branch attacked the throne. Immediately they had been wiped out and all of the Spirits of Life had to return to the throne by the orders of the King.

This marked the Beginning of the End.

BoS (E4) NUKE (Fantasy)

Retired NEWS Reporter.


 Post subject: Re: story contest - win up to 2000 tokens
PostPosted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 12:50 pm 
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Wow. totally missed out on this one. V.V
I didn't even know there was a story posting. :shock:


 Post subject: Re: story contest - win up to 2000 tokens
PostPosted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:40 am 
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I wonder how many people will participate. :D


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