Battle Dawn - Registration

Terms of Use Agreement

Last Updated May 1, 2009

Preamble: This Agreement constitutes as a binding agreement between You and Tacticsoft; Though we request you to read the agreement prior to accepting it, we know that agreements are written in a complicated language and might be considered difficult to read. Therefore, we added this preamble to explain you with the nature of this agreement and to help you understand it.

  • First, Tacticsoft lets you use its games and platforms in a decent manner and in order to enjoy them. Don't spam, don't farm and don't harass other users.
  • Second, We reserve the right to change these terms and prevent abusive users from harming others.
  • Third, You should understand that You do not 'own' anything in the game.
  • Fourth, We won't be held liable, no matter what, for any damage.
  • Fifth, Our purpose is to maintain a fair and fun environment for all our users.

Please go ahead and read these terms before accepting them, as they will bind you legally.